Saka Hardjoprakoso

Manusia Kadal

“kami berencana untuk tidak memiliki rencana”

2018-03-15 18.58.18


An Adventurer roaming the earth. Born in the city, raised in the forest of Jayagiri, climbed mountains, and surfed the sea, there is nothing this man has never tried. Started of as a skateboarder and a bmx rider, he often travel by bicycle. We at Pinine Cycles believe in his cause in making a better world, so we collaborate and made a one and only Pinine Cycles city cruiser with an integrated rear skateboard rack.


To most, Saka is a teacher, be it about riding or living, he is a natural born mentor. He may not be the best bmx rider, or skateboarder, but he sure knows a thing or two about enjoying your life without being tangled with the boring day-to-day job or responsibility. Sit with him and you might get a lesson about life, but not anyone can be taught by him, only those who come to listen, not to argue.

Bike Check

A cruiser with an integrated rear rack to carry skateboard, equipped with both front and rear disc brake, a single speed drivetrain, and nothing else.