FNR 12

This year’s route goes through the Sawojajar’s labyrinth and finishes at our Bike Park. Starting at 7.00 AM, each team was given 114 minutes to complete the manifest and collect all the stamps put up along the way. The first team was expected to finish at 8.54 AM with a 1-minute interval between each team.    


Pictures of the event can be downloaded at linktr.ee/mlgfgss

Dirty Cranky 2022

Planned less than a week before the event, and executed beautifully by MLGFGSS. This year Dirty Cranky was a little bit different from the previous years, this year Dirty Cranky was held together with Fixed Night Rally. This year Dirty Cranky also differs from the previous one by not having bike camps. The race took place at Pinine Bike Park where 2 riders go head to head in 2 laps around the track. The race was divided into 2 class, Tracklocross (Fixed Gear Brakeless) and FFA (Free for all).

Splash On

It’s not a tracklocross race without some water splash. With the track located on the riverside, there’s plenty of water to splash around. Equipped with buckets, these guys don’t miss.  

All Fun and Games

This event is all about having fun. We are not racers, and we are here to show that cycling can be fun without being the fastest, or the strongest. You can have fun just hanging out with fellow cyclists, you don’t need to ride hundreds or thousands of kilometers, as long as you’re on a bike, then you’re good enough.

Next Year?

What should we do next year? Another FNR X Dirty Cranky (we would love to!)? Something different? More unique prizes? River crossing track section? Stairs section? Tarmac section? Let us know through our Instagram page or email us!