Handmade frame, built for those who loves steel and riding fast on tarmac or dirt. We are a small workshop that builds bikes because we love it, we are cyclist that loves being different, because we believe everyone is unique to their own style.

All frames are fabricated inhouse in Indonesia through years of development and testing, we tested dozens of geometry and keep prototyping till we found the best ride feeling without compromising the looks. We took all the best quality of different geometry frames and come up with a frame that we enjoy riding on tarmac and on dirts.

All prototypes were tested by street cyclist in various events, from Cycle Messenger World Championship to tracklocross racing to ensure our frames are fun to ride no matter where you are riding it. Because we built bikes to be fun to ride and to look good on your rides.

Latest Issue

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The Workshop

A small workshop in the middle of rice fields, with tarmac in front, single track on the back, and a nice rooftop to enjoy the scenery. Our workshop is open for anyone who wants to see framebuilding or take a look at our demo bike.



About Us

The reason we are in this scene.


Some of the pics we took of our bike and workshop



Pinine Test Track

An easy level bike track to spend the morning or afternoon with your pals while enjoying the countryside scenery.

Choose a Frame That's Right For You.

Because we believe everyone is unique to their own style.