Pinine Test Track and Park

A Bike park in Pucangsongo?

Us at Pinine Cycles always had a vision about making Pucangsongo a destination for cyclist. In order to do so, we open our workshop for anyone who wanted to look at bike building, we provided rest area for cyclist to rest in between their destination, and now, we decided to make a mini bike park in order to test our bike and others to try our bikes. the bike park itself could be used for resting, riding, BBQing, picnic, and other bike related stuff.

Built for Cyclist

The park are now open for communities for bike related activities, and we are open for any suggestions or inputs toward making our mini bike park a better park for cyclist. If you are a cyclist whether alone or in a group, you are welcome to come and try our bike park with or without noticing us, but it would be better to come to our workshop first so we can help you with the track walk and safety induction in order to have the most fun while still being safe.

Communities that helped us grow

Malang Fun Cycling has been one of the first that helped us with ideas for the track, they are a tour guide provider for cyclist, which one of their program includes cycling in Pucangsongo. Malang Fun Cycling also helped us star in our track preview video made by Minaret Seven (the video can be seen on our Pinine Test Track Page). For more information about them, visit their Instagram at @malangfuncycling.

MLGFGSS is a community of fixed gear and single speed rider, they have helped us with our website launch event and now they’re helping us develop our track. We wanted the track to be enjoyable by tracklocross and SSCX rider, so who’s better to give us advice but them. We are also commited to help them in upcoming tracklocross events such as Dirtycranky. If you need any information about them, go visit their instagram page @mlgfgss, and if you wanted to learn more about dirtycranky, you can visit their instagram page at @dirtycranky.

Terpancal is a community of gravel enthusiast, they visited us to try the park at night, just like most of their rides. Their upcoming event is a night gravel ride called Gendruwo, for more information about Terpancal or their upcoming events, go visit their Instagram page at @terpancal.

Sarapancal, their name consist of sarapan (breakfast) and pancal (cycling) which means cycling for/to breakfast. We are hoping to provide a park where cyclist could ride to our place and have a nice breakfast by the river. For more information about them visit their instagram page at @sarapancal.

Weekly Bikers, we are honored to be visited by weekly bikers, their knowledge on bike tracks and having a fun time on track helped us on designing this park to accommodate cyclist that wants to take it easy and have a nice picnic with their friends or community. We are hoping to be able to host their Cook and Ride. For more information about them go visit their instagram page @weeklybikers.

For More Information regarding our track visit the Pinine Test Track Page

Malang Fun Cycling and Weekly Bikers testing our track
Terpancal riders checking their bike

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