Closed till June 2020

It was the 21st of April 2020 that we got the news, one of the villager in Pucangsongo is suspected with Covid-19. Officials closed our border, we are currently on isolation. We were just finishing this month’s batch when we realize we are running out of bottom bracket shells and head tubes. Our employees can’t reach the workshop due to the lockdown. And with a heavy heart we decided to close our workshop temporarily and postpone all orders until June 2020.

This condition won’t stop us from being productive, we have decided that while our workshop is currently shut, we will be focusing our time on making a better product, a faster production line, and some new products. Our target for this June is bringing a new line of product based on our corvus track frame and making it as a frame-only option with a few tweaked bits in order to make the product more affordable yet still feel agile and fun on the street.

Details on the development of the new frame will be updated on the blog and any questions regarding the current or the upcoming frame can be sent through our Instagram page (@pininecycles).

ps: we are currently having difficulties with our Whatsapp messenger

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